ANBI – Public Benefit Institution

Save by Seva Foundation has an official Public Benefit Institution status (ANBI) provided by the Dutch government in which they recognize our cause of providing trauma treatment to freed child slaves in India. In accordance with ANBI requirements, we present the following data:

  1. The foundation is officially registered as: “Stichting Save by Seva”. However, we go by the name of “Save by Seva Foundation” in our communication.
  2. Our RSIN-number is: 855653474.
  3. We can be contacted via or:
    Ottho Heldringstraat 33k
    1066XT Amsterdam
  4. The foundation policy can be read below or downloaded here.
  5. Our board consists of the following four members:
    1. Chairmain: Ravish Gopal
    2. Vice Chairman: Rishma Khubsing
    3. Secretary: Maureen Soochit
    4. Treasurer: Dinesh Binda
  6. The 2015 report detailing our activities and expenses will soon be available.
  7. Save by Seva Foundation has no compensation policy. Tasks and activities are performed on voluntary basis by the board members. Expenses incurred during activities however are compensated. The expenses of the volunteer psychologist are included in the project budget.
  8. Details about our budget can be found in our project plan.

Save by Seva Foundation Policy

The foundation aims to promote the interests of children freed from slavery in India and to create a lasting solution to this problem in order to achieve a better future for these children. Through Project Dawn we aim to establish a basic care of trauma treatment to these freed child slaves. In a following project we will focus on creating a sustainable solution to provide trauma treatment.

Initially, the foundation will only raise money through donations obtained via the following channels:

  • Call to action on the website, Facebook page and other promotional materials (flyers);
  • Call to action via traditional media (newspapers, radio);
  • Promotion at events (such as the Diwali Festival);
  • Online crowdfunding campaigns (such as

Asset management
Funds will only be received on the bank account of the foundation
(NL INGB 35 0007 0441 12) and is managed by the treasurer Mr. D. Binda.

Use of funds
Although the other board members are authorized to do payments, expenditures will be conducted by Mr. Binda. Payments will only be carried out in the exercise of stated activities. Regarding Project Dawn a detailed overview of the budget is available in the project plan.