Project Dawn

Project Dawn is our first step into achieving our mission. We will be sending a qualified therapist to Kailash Satyarthi’s ashram in Jaipur, India for the duration of three months. The intended effect of three months of treatment is revealed in the project name: leaving darker thoughts behind for light and happy ones.

Project Dawn consists of several phases:

  1. Setup collaboration with Kailash Satyarthi’s organisation.
    • Done.
  2. Fundraising campaign to finance this project.
    • Through our websites and other means we will try to raise the needed funds. An overview of our budget can be found in our project plan.
  3. Sending our therapist to India from September till December 2016 to give treatment to the children.
    • After successful fundraising, we can start the actual goal of the project: offering treatment to the freed children in India. Rishma Khubsing, an experienced psychologist, will travel to India to give the treatment in person. Since they are suffering from complex traumas, they will benefit from evidence based psychological treatment, such as EMDR (amongst others). Furthermore, they will be taught new coping methods, such as mindfulness and yoga.
  4. Evaluate and report treatment results.
    • During the 3 months of treatment, the treatment effects will be measured in order to improve the treatment process. The treatment effects will be measured by conducting questionnaires before and after treatment sessions, which is standard practise for EMDR therapy. Moreover, a scientific paper will be published based on the measurements and evaluation.

Based on the results of Project Dawn, our next project will involve training local therapists to create a sustainable solution.