Just three weeks to go: in preparation

Saturday, July 21, 2016

In about three weeks I will finally be traveling to India for the Save by Seva Foundation.

It sometimes feels so unreal to me. That seeing a TV show and an email to Kailash Satyarthi led to the set up of the Save by Seva Foundation and implementation of Project Dawn.

Now, almost 2.5 years later, we’re busy with all the preparations. Without the support, commitment and dedication of Maureen Soochit, Ravish Gopal and Dinesh Binda this project probably would not have happend. It is beautiful and special to see how an idea has become a passion and mission of a team!

At this moment we are busy with the final preparations; the research and treatment design, the psycho-education workshop, fundraising, and so on. It’s sometimes a puzzle to fit all this in addition to my job, studies and maintaining a social life. Sometimes I feel trapped in a dilemma. But when I think of the children I met in India I have that feeling again. It feels like butterflies when in love and I realize that everything is more than worth it!

Love, Rishma
“Every human being has the right to psychological help!”


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